6 seat gyro orbitron rides for sale

Orbitron for Sale

Do you know what is a Orbitron ride? Maybe we all know Orbitron refers to the UFO or something else. But as for the Orbitron rides, we also call them the human gyroscope rides, it is a kind of new amusement park rides for people who love to amusement parks.

6 seat gyro orbitron rides for sale
BHG-6D Orbitron Ride


Item: BHG-6D
Capacity(seat): 6p
Height(m): 3.4m
Speed(m/s): 1.8
Power(kw): 3
Voltage(v): 380v
Seats Color: Blue
Area(㎡): 4*4

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There are many kinds of orbitron rides for sale in the amusement rides manufacturer, but in general, there are 3 kinds of orbitron rides when classified by  seats quantity. They are 2, 4 and 6 seats orbitron rides. If you use it for a store, a small square, maybe a 2 seat orbitron ride is enough. But if you use it for a large square, amusement parks, theme parks or large shopping center, maybe you need the 4 or 6 seats orbitron rides. Because in these place, there always lots of people.

Most of the orbitron rides are back to back mode, but we can also see some orbitron rides that made into face to face. For passengers, back to back orbitron rides are much safer. For amusement park owners they are cheaper than the face to face rides. And for amusement rides manufacturer, back to back rides are easier to made than the face to face rides, because face to face rides needs more attention and high-tech.

Amusement park orbitron rides use the electric power, we can see on the left, there is a electric box, there are some green and red buttons on the box. It is a control box for controlling the whole amusement ride.

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