Trailer mode human gyroscope rides

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Gyro is the abbreviation of gyroscope, that’s the reason why we call the human gyroscope rides, the gyros rides. We also call them the three-dimensional rolling ring or aerotrim rides,  It is a kind of amusement equipment which is used for training pilots and astronauts. It is a quality fairground ride for amusement parks which is designed by the amusement rides manufacturer.

Trailer mode human gyroscope rides
BHG-6K Trailer Human Gyroscope Ride


Item: BHG-6K
Capacity(seat): 6p
Height(m): 3.4m
Speed(m/s): 1.8
Power(kw): 3
Voltage(v): 380v
Seats Color: Pink
Area(㎡): 4*4

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Human gyro rides is a set of playground equipment, it is an amusement rides which is very similar to a regular gyroscope, and it looks like a 3D space ride for amusement parks which could rotate within 360 degrees. In the central part, one, two, four or even six people could be strapped by the seat belt. Human gyro rides is fun to use in the carnivals, amusement parks, funfairs, playground, large squares, shopping centers, large stores, theme parks, and other indoor activities.

General Parameters:

Capacity 2/4/6 person
Height 3.4m without trailer
Speed 8-10 rpm
Power 3kw
Area 4*4 ㎡
Seats Color Blue, pink, yellow or customized
Voltage 220V or 380V
Guarantee 1 year

Find one of these human gyro is easy now, but find a quality human gyro is not so easy. We should consider something like price, quality, service, installation, transportation and so on.

About Price:

Human gyro rides price in Beston will varies from 4000 to 6000 USD which depended on the capacity (seats quantity) and mode( price of back to back and face to face gyro rides are different).

About Quality:

With best riders experience, advanced technology, professional designer and experience workers, Beston could guarantee the quality of human gyro rides from our factory.

About Service and Installation:

For human gyro rides for sale from Beston, we will provide free installation video or if customer need, we will send our engineer to help you to install the human gyro rides. Generally speaking, the installation of human gyro rides is easy, a guide video is enough.

About Transportation:

We provide ocean transport, air transport, railway transport and express delivery to the door.

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