Amusement park human gyroscope rides for sale

4 Seat Human Gyroscope Rides for Sale

With the development of amusement rides industry, amusement park rides present us more and more interesting rides for kids and adults. Human gyroscope rides appears several years ago, compare with carousels and roller coasters, it is also belongs to the new amusement rides. This page we will show you the 4 people human gyroscope rides. 4 seat human gyro is bigger than the 2 seat gyroscope rides.

Amusement park human gyroscope rides for sale
BHG-4A 4 Seat Human Gyro Rides


Item: BHG-4A
Capacity(seat): 4p
Height(m): 3.4m
Speed(m/s): 1.8
Power(kw): 3
Voltage(v): 380v
Area(㎡): 4*4

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A 4 seat human gyroscope ride could be seated with four people at one time, if the kids if brave enough, parents could bring them to the amusement park to enjoy this particular family. They will enjoy the thrill fun together.

4 people human gyro can also be customized to 2 or 6 seats, amusement park owners could contact us before their order, size and color could be customized according to the requirement of the amusement park business owners.

Human gyroscope rides in Beston has exported many sets to the world, our back to back gyro rides got more popular than the face to face human gyroscope rides, because if the seats are face to face, we need to redesign the space between the seats, if the space is too small, people who are strong could not be fit in. If the space is too big, kids and the thinner could not be fixed even there is seat belts. So our back to back aerotrim gyro rides really get more popular than the face to face rides.

Application of a Human Gyroscope Ride With 4 Seat:

As for the 4 cabin human gyro, business owners could use them for many places, amusement parks, theme parks and funfairs. They can also be used for shopping center, large squares, outdoor activities. Because there always filled with crowd of people, they will want to have a try on this novel amusement park rides.

Advantages of Beston 4 Seat Human Gyro Rides:

  • Quantity and color of the seats could be customized.
  • Little cover space and large income.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Mobile model are available in our factory, ( which mean a trailer for the gyro ride, it is easy to carry for business owners).
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